Staking In the Metaverse Made easier and more Profitable!
Staking lets you earn MEFV or other tokens while you sleep!
It's simpler than farming with Meta Farm Verse Yield Farms because unlike the Farms, you only need to stake one token to start earning: usually MEFV.

Initial APR

The Staking Pool would start with an initial 21212% Yearly APR which means if you Stake 1000$ Worth of $MEFV You would be getting a yearly profit of 212,000$ worth of $MEFV. Thats huge right?.
NOTE: The 21212% APR is Just an Initial APR and would be limited to only the first 500 Users selected via a Whitelist Event

How to Farm

Details on How to farm would be added after The Whitelist Event. To get early access to staking Join the Whitelist event.

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